Laptop Program: 1:1 / BYOD Introduction

At Sunbury Downs College, we are continuing our educational journey into the 21st Century. As a result, Students in Year 7 to 9 will be part of a structured 1:1 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program for Sunbury Downs College. We recognise that this can create a financial burden, however it is our responsibility to ensure all of our students are given the best opportunities to succeed later in life.

The Sunbury Downs College 1:1 BYOD Program is an exciting opportunity to improve student engagement and promote even greater academic achievement, providing teachers and students new ways to learn and collaborate. Students participating in the program will gain 24/7 access to information and communication technology resources, enabling greater opportunities for deep learning, collaboration and critical thinking.

The 21st Century requires resilient, independent learners who can think critically. We believe this program will develop students' ability to research, synthesise and collaborate, whilst maintaining Sunbury Downs College's commitment to outstanding academic performance.

The students' laptops can be connected to the Internet at the College and at home (using your family's internet connection, where available). Whilst this presents a great learning opportunity, it must be used responsibly. We expect our core values of commitment, respect, honesty, fairness and perseverance to be reflected in every aspect of our students' lives, and this extends to their electronic communication with others. Safe and responsible use of electronic media is required of all members of the Sunbury Downs Community.

How to Purchase

The online ordering JB Hi-Fi Portal is accessible via which will require you enter the School Code SDSC2018 to access the listing of devices within the Sunbury Downs College Portal.

The College strongly encourages parent(s)/guardian(s) purchase or supply a laptop bag to their child once they receive their device.

Further Details on how to purchase as well as a step-by-step process are available through the Portal.


It is highly recommended that one of the College nominated devices within the JB Hi-Fi Portal is purchased.

The devices recommended are not only tested and proven for durability within a school environment, but the cost of the device is significantly cheaper than a comparable product in a retail store.

Any different devices need to be approved by the Assistant Principal Later Years & Sunbury Downs College ICT Technicians. Further information about other options can be found here:

Other Options

This approval must be obtained before the date the device is required to be used.

Please note the following requirements must be met:

• Bring your laptop to school everyday, with the battery fully charged
• Store your laptop securely (at home, in your locker, etc.)
• Keep your laptop in its protective case
• Abide by the College's Acceptable Use Policy
• In class, laptops will be used at the discretion of the classroom teacher - students must take their laptop to every class, but the classroom teacher will determine how it is used within classes
• At school, (outside of class - in the ERC etc.) laptops can be used to complete homework, revise, etc.
• Your laptop must be used for educational purposes only whilst on school premises / connected to the College’s network
• Safe and responsible use of electronic media
• Any encumbrance against an existing leased device must be paid in full or an appropriate arrangement be put in place prior to connecting a new device to the College network
• Failure to adhere to the College’s values (and any relevant school or DET policies) may result in a self-managed device being removed from the network.

Laptop Program

Year 7-9

Students in Year 7 to 10 will require a laptop for educational use. These devices run a Windows Operating System. The recommended devices are fast, durable, have great battery life, and are able to fully integrate with our College network.

Year 10 / VCE / VCAL

All students entering at Year 11 or Year 12 are provided with the option to participate in the program. It is also recommended to purchase the College nominated devices.
Parents and guardians are invited to contact the Assistant Principal (Later Years) at the College to provide input into the research and development of this program or if they have any questions.

Students studying a VET or computer based subejct are strongly recommended to have their own latops as assessment is based online.


In the event that parents/families decline to participate in the program, a laptop device can be borrowed and returned on a daily basis from the Education Resource Centre (ERC).

It is important that any student utilising the ERC for devices be proactive and endeavour to borrow devices prior to the commencement of classes, whilst also ensuring they are returned promptly at the conclusion of each class.

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