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Set on an expansive single campus in the northern Melbourne suburb of Sunbury, Sunbury Downs College is a Year 7-12 secondary school.  Sunbury Downs College’s modern and dynamic learning environment seeks to inspire students to strive for excellence and to develop social responsibility for the world in which they live.

After years of enrolment decline at Year 7, our College has experienced renewal and successive years of enrolment growth. Pre-conditions for school improvement have been established - building pride and achievement through high expectations.

At Sunbury Downs College the future comes alive with possibilities. There are many well resourced opportunities and challenges in which students participate to develop the ‘confidence to achieve’.  We create critically reflective, resilient, confident and independent learners for life, through a learning community which provides a safe, secure, challenging and orderly learning environment. We believe deep learning is facilitated through outstanding teaching, supportive and authentic relationships.

The College actively teaches students skills relating to meaningful citizenship and leadership. Effort and responsibility are key elements of Sunbury Downs College, promoting an atmosphere of respect and equality amongst peers. Students learn the value of working in teams and there are many well defined leadership opportunities.

In 2008 an Accelerated Curriculum & Enrichment (ACE) program was introduced. Sunbury Downs College is an academic school with a wide range of dynamic extracurricular programs. Sunbury Downs College is 'small enough to care, large enough to challenge'.

Let your child map his or her future at Sunbury Downs College…

Enable them to develop the courage to succeed and ‘Confidence to Achieve’.

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