VET/VCAL/SBAT/HeadStart Awards

The Victorian Certificate for Applied Learning (VCAL), Vocational Education & Training (VET) and School-Based Apprenticeship & Training (SBAT) Sunbury Downs College students have been acknowledged by the Hume and Whittlesea Local Learning Education Network for their output during 2022.



· VCAL Achievement – Justin Sheppard 12V

· VCAL Encouragement – Carter Azzopardi 11V

· VET Achievement – Shaila Mychal 11B

· VET Encouragement – Matthew Zoltonoska Du 11V

· SBAT Achievement – Mathew Aluza 12V

· SBAT Encouragement – William Paul 11V

· HeadStart Recognition Achievement Award – Mathew Aluza 12V

· HeadStart Recognition Achievement Award – Bailey Parkinson 12V


VET/VCAL/SBAT/HeadStart award winners from SDC for the Hume/Whittlesea region from (L to R) Justin Sheppard, Will Paul, Karen Riley (HeadStart Coordinator), Matt Aluza and Bailey Parkinson.