College Dux 2022

Alice Liu, an international student with dreams of becoming a doctor, has been awarded Dux at Sunbury Downs College for 2022. The talented VCE student top scored at the school with an ATAR of 94.5.

Alice (Yixuan) came to Sunbury Downs College from China in 2019 as a Year 9 international student and quickly embraced the Australian education culture.

She said she was surprised and “super satisfied” after learning of her VCE result, and was happy to have reached her goal of College Dux.

“I am glad and also proud of myself,” Alice said.

Alice acknowledged the support of her teachers for contributing to her performance.

“Plus, I think I had the resilience to persevere through tough conditions,” she said.

Tackling Year 12 after two years of interrupted learning was one of the biggest challenges to overcome, she said.

“I could not have achieved this score without the support from all my teachers. I would like to say a big thank you to them.

“Also, the school and our captains organised some fun activities for us to participate in throughout the year to help us relieve the stress.”

Alice, 18, hopes to study biomedical science at Monash University.

It is the first time an international student has been honoured as Dux at the College since its international program began six years ago.

SDC international student co-ordinator Anina Alexander said Alice was hard working, ambitious and focused on her goal of a career in medicine.

“She was meticulous in consistently studying – that’s a skill. From the time she started at the College she has wanted to achieve her best with purely hard work and having a go,” Ms Alexander said.