College Values & Philosophy


Sunbury Downs College is a growing, inclusive and caring coeducational school. The College has a holistic approach to student growth and development. We offer a comprehensive curriculum and a wide variety of extra curriculum programs promoting the attainment of successful outcomes; including quality pathways and destinations.


College Values







1. Building and upgrading facilities to meet growing demands.
2. Effective and consistent use of data to inform best teaching practice.
3. Maximising resources to provide breadth of studies.
4. Increasing retention of students from Year 10 and into post compulsory years.
5. Building teacher and staff capacity.
6. Building consistent classroom practice with the use of differentiation.
7. Effective use of feedback to teachers and students.


Our Educational Philosophy is:

Sunbury Downs College has a welcoming, safe, and orderly learning environment.

We believe outstanding teaching produces high quality learning outcomes.

The positive learning environment fosters collaboration and cooperation with shared expectations of educational success.

Students develop responsibility for their own learning, progress and behaviour. This occurs when all learners are engaged with differentiated and challenging learning.

We create confident, resilient and reflective independent life learners.

Sunbury Downs College fosters authentic respectful relationships so learning is enjoyed and students may achieve their full potential.

Statement of Intent

Sunbury Downs College will ensure that it is aligned with and operates consistently with the principles of Australian democracy. The programs of, and teaching in Sunbury Downs College support and promote the principles and practice of Australian democracy, including a commitment to:

  • Elected government
  • The rule of law
  • Equal rights for all before the law
  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom of speech and association
  • The values of openness and tolerance