College Council

College Council President:  Neil Christie

The College Council provides the opportunity for people to take part in educational decision making at the school level. Such participation is consistent with the view that it is the members of the College community who can best ensure that the educational experience provided is effective and takes account of the changing needs of the community.  The College Council is made up of parents, students, staff and the Principal.

The Council meets twice a term, on a Thursday, at 6:30 p.m.

If parents would like more details regarding the College Council, the requirements for participation and any procedures they should contact the Principal, Mr Warwick Beynon via the Principal's EA.

Parent Bodies
P ‘n’ G @ SDC (Parents and Guardians at Sunbury Downs College) meets at regular intervals. New members and existing members are always welcome to attend.

If you are interested in attending, please contact the General Office for further information.

Parent Involvement
Parental involvement within the College is both encouraged and welcomed!

Some possible avenues of involvement are

  • as members of the College Council
  • as members of the College Council Sub-committees - Finance & Facilities or Education
  • as members of the Parents and Guardians at SDC
  • as helpers or spectators at College sporting events
  • as participants at parent forums and information evenings
  • attending our Progress Information Meetings program
  • reading the College newsletter, distributed electronically via this website, or Compass School Manager
  • communicating with your students teachers via the student planner
  • parents may visit the school to talk with teachers however we ask you to understand that everyone's time is valuable, please arrange an appointment via the Administration Office
  • as helpers in fundraising activities
  • attending assemblies to celebrate student achievement
  • attending other events, such as the annual College Production.