College Awards


College Awards

“College Colours” allow our College to recognise student achievement in the many diverse areas in which Sunbury Downs students excel. These will be awarded each year in a dedicated ceremony, with students receiving both a badge and a certificate to endorse their achievement

These Colours are awarded in six different categories and students are eligible to receive a College Colour in more than one category.

To ensure a range of students can aspire to these awards, they will be awarded at two levels:


  • To be considered for a Silver Award, students must have made a significant contribution in several of the criteria
  • Only a limited number of students will be recognised, as a general guideline 4 per category
  • These awards are designed to recognise both character and ability, thus to be eligible students must display attributes such as co-operation, mutual respect and overall success


  • Gold awards are a higher standard of achievement, while still within the same Mini-School, thus year 7 and 10 students are not eligible for this award
  • To receive this award, students must already hold a Silver Award for that category, meet the requirements for the Silver again and then exceed the requirements
  • As a result, a Gold Award is awarded less, but indicates recognition of a much higher calibre of achievement


    Academic: Green
  • Academic Colours will be based on overall averages drawn from Semester Reports
  • Principal’s Academic Achievement Award recipients are eligible for the Academic College Colour
  • Learning Area awards would continue as separate awards for Presentation Evening
    Arts: Red
  “Arts”  refers to visual arts, practical arts and areas such as College Musical Production, Debating,  
  Drama and Public Speaking.
  • Planning and delivery of events or activities, eg. Annual Arts Exhibition, choreographer in School Production, Tech. Crew for Production.
  • Active representation of the College in exhibitions, performance and competitions outside of the College.
  • Working with teachers to assist with curricular and/or co-curricular Arts programs
    House: Purple
  • Effectively propose, organise and carry out House-based events, enlisting the help of others as appropriate
  • Actively participate and compete in House Sporting activities, including College Sport Days and other House-based sporting events
  • Actively encourage others to participate and compete in House-based events
  • Actively construct, participate in and present House-run Assemblies
    Music: Yellow
  “Music” includes all Sunbury Downs bands and choral ensembles
  • Participation in more than one performing ensemble
  • Playing an active role as a student leader in music performance
  • Planning and/or organising of social events related to the College music program
  • Demonstration of highly developed skills in musicianship and excellence in performance
  • Strong commitment to all lessons, band rehearsals and performances
    Service: Orange
  • To other students, throughout College life
  • Presenting at College and Year Level Assemblies
  • As a student leader, eg. SRC Rep., Cabinet member, fundraising, lunchtime activities
  • To a school program, eg. Student forums, College Review, SRC.
  • On College committees, eg. Chaplaincy Committee, College Council, Education Committee
  • Leading the planning of events or activities, eg. Deb Ball Committee, Year 12 Formal
    Sport: Blue
  “Sport” refers to sporting activities initially representing our College.
  • Outstanding participation in a school based sporting activity, including representing the College in higher level competitions
  • Provision of outstanding assistance with team or program organisation, eg. coaching, umpiring, captaincy
  • Playing a leading role in the planning and/or organisation of events or activities, eg. Carnivals, sports days, Footy Days