Sunbury Downs College scholarship recipients are young people who commit to diligently seek and realise their potential in all pursuits while a student at the College.

Active participation in learning as well as extra-curricular programs is essential, particularly in the area of the scholarship granted.

Applicants will demonstrate a preparedness to embrace the College's values of respect, participation and excellence.

ALL scholarships are ongoing for the three middle years of secondary schooling (Years 7-9 inclusive), providing the student maintains a high level of commitment to the ideals of the scholarship program.

Academic Excellence Scholarship
All applicants of the Accelerated Curriculum and Enrichment (ACE) Program are eligible and automatically considered for this scholarship.

Selection is based on the most successful result from the ACE entrance examinations and tests.  This, along with recommendations from the student's Primary School will determine the successful applicant.

The Academic Excellence is a full scholarship, providing for all materials, books and levies as per the College Resource List.

Voluntary fees, netbook hire and optional items are not covered by this scholarship.

Leaders and Community Spirit Scholarship
Open to all Grade 6 students demonstrating sound academic achievement, a positive work ethic, leadership and peer mentoring skills.

Applicants must have participated in a variety of school and community based activities during their time at Primary School.

Instrumental Music Scholarship
Open to all Grade 6 students demonstrating high instrumental music achievement and a commitment to music performance.  Applicants must have participated in a range of school or community based music performances during their time at Primary School.

Sporting Excellence Scholarship
Open to all Grade 6 Students demonstrating a strong affiliation with sport both in the community and within their Primary School.