Middle Years 7 - 9

Welcome to the Middle Years 7-9

In the Middle Years we have a strong student focus, encourage active participation and enthusiasm for all aspects of school culture. We believe it is through student participation and commitment that young people develop resilience and determination for success.  We believe it is through action and endeavour that we develop resilience and ultimately the Confidence to Achieve and succeed in all areas of life.

Laying Foundations
The motto of the Sunbury Downs College Middle Years Mini-School is 'Laying Strong Foundations’.  

Our Team
Assistant Principal's Message 

As the Assistant Principal of the Middle Years Mini-School, I oversee the student management, engagement and wellbeing for students in Years 7-9.

This includes working with our Middle Years Team of Leaders and Teachers, to ensure College policies such as uniform, academic achievement and student engagement are implemented.

I support our Mini-School Leaders and Year Level Coordinators in working with parents and students to provide a safe and robust learning environment to ensure strong foundations are established for each child.

Ms Susan Smith 
Assistant Principal - Middle Years

Middle Years School Leader's Message
The needs of each individual student are particularly important to us at Sunbury Downs College. We foster a caring, compassionate community of mutual support. The College has a number of networks available for student access in order to assist in providing a safe and nurturing learning environment. Students’ first point of contact is the Home Group Teacher. The role of the Home Group Teacher is to ensure the student and family are kept well informed of school operations and procedures on a daily basis. A Home Group Teacher monitors the progress of each student, and takes steps to ensure the student meets the learning goals set in each unit of study. Complex pastoral care issues may be addressed to the Home Group Teacher initially, but further support may be required from a Year Level Coordinator.

Mr Dwayne Stojcevski
Mini School Leader - Middle Years