Later Years

As the Later Years Assistant Principal I welcome students and their parents/guardians to the Later Years Mini-School and encourage high levels of work output, high expectations and positive, appropriate relationships both within and outside the classroom. Students need to strive to work at their best and seek to constantly improve. In my experience students, who acknowledge feedback, will refine skills and knowledge that can be transformed into high level results. The Later Years Mini-School welcomes all students in their common goal in ‘forging a successful future’.

Forging Successful Futures
The motto of the Sunbury Downs College Later Years Mini-School is ‘Forging Successful Futures’.  The ability to set goals and aim towards a positive, exciting adulthood for our Later Years students is a vital part of creating excellence in the Later Years.

Assistant Principal's Message
As Assistant Principal of the Later Years, I oversee the student management, initiatives and programs that run across Years 10-12. This includes working with our Later Years Team of Leaders and Teachers, to ensure College policies are implemented relating to uniform, academic achievement and student success. I support our Mini School Leaders and Year Level Co-ordinators in working with parents and students to provide a safe learning environment, in which every student matters.

Mr Michael Watson
Assistant Principal - Later Years

Later Years School Leader's Message

As a student transitions from the Middle Years into the Later Years of schooling they are supported by the Later Years Mini School Team and Student Services. We work collaboratively with students and families to select the most appropriate pathway being either the Victoria Curriculum of Education (VCE) or Victoria Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) in an effort to assist students to achieve their desired pathway, wheather this is University, TAFE or an Apprenticeship. The Later Years Mini School has a strong focus on academic achievement within a supportive environment, in an effort to develop a student's passion for learning.

Ms Tiffany Stevens
Mini School Leader - Later Years