Student Services

The Student Services Centre offers students and their families a diverse range of assistance in supporting the core function of teaching and learning in our College. All the roles and programs work together in seeking to obtain strong student outcomes, develop positive young citizens and raise the aspirations of young people.

College Chaplain
The role of the College Chaplain is to provide wellbeing services for member of the College community-students, families and staff. Programs are designed to assist students in developing strong meaningful goals aimed at achieving a successful completion of studies.

Student Wellbeing Coordinator
The Responsible Behaviour Mentor works closely with Mini School Teams in ensuring the ongoing support, wellbeing and engagement of students as well as liaising with teachers, parents, and staff. The RBM coordinates programs such as:
  • VCE Supportive Friends - a group Peer Support Program for Year 12 students
  • BRAVE-Be Real and Voice Emotions-teenage boys program aimed at developing positive social skills, assertiveness and self-esteem.
Careers Coordinator/MIPs Facilitator
These roles provide effective careers and transition support through the provision of Careers information, advice, education, guidance and counselling to students in the Middle years and Later Years to make the best possible educational, training and employment choices.

The MIPs program provides students aged 15 and over with individual career action plans and associated support as a means to making a successful transition from Later Years to further education, training and employment.

Programs implemented in this area include:
  • Year 9 Step Up
  • Year 10 Work Experience
  • Year 10-12 Orientation Program
  • Year 12 Student Retreat
  • Careers Expo
Educational School Based Nurse
The Youth Health Nurse works with the whole school community on issues that may affect the health and wellbeing of young people as well as preventative health and health promotion.

Programs include:
  • Immunisation
  • Middle Years Sexual Health workshops
  • Girls Body Image Workshops
  • Year 10 Party Safe