Student Wellbeing

Sunbury Downs College places a high importance on Student Wellbeing and offers a vast array of programs and services to support our students. At Sunbury Downs College we acknowledge that student wellbeing and student learning are important and for students to maximise their academic potential they need to feel safe, confident, and connected to a secure support network. Our support network includes DEECD Psychologist, Social Work Services, Chaplaincy, Community Health Services, Local Youth Networks, school based counsellors, Adolescent School Nurse and a private Psychologist who works on sight. At Sunbury Downs College we offer multiple programs which include and are not limited to, Year 7, 8 and 9 girl’s programs based on Resilience, Conflict Resolution, Self-Esteem and friendships building strategies. Year 8 boy’s groups developing Leadership qualities, Engagement, Friendships and Behavioural skills. Throughout the school year we facilitate Healthy Eating Programs, Dance Meditation, Sexual Health, Breakfast Program and Lunch time programs.