“Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.” - Carl Sagan

At Sunbury Downs College we believe science education should encourage students to seek answers to the questions raised by life experiences. It is with this in mind that the curriculum is developed. Students undergo courses designed to both expand their knowledge of the world around them and give them the tools with which to find their own answers.

In the Middle Years at Sunbury Downs College the curriculum follows AusVELS, the Victorian interpretation of the Australian National Curriculum. They explore the three main branches of science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, through research and practical tasks. Students are encouraged to explain how scientific discoveries can change and help to shape society.

As students enter the Later Years they are offered a choice. At Year 10 they may choose from Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science. In VCE they may choose from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology and Environmental Science.

Studying science can lead to careers in many different fields with science being a prerequisite for many tertiary courses. It is also important in the development of a productive, informed citizen capable of drawing independent conclusions.

Ashleigh Butterworth


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