Sunbury Downs College has a diverse Visual Arts and Technology department with a wide range of subjects including Art, Visual Communication Design, Media, Studio Art, Food and Technology, Design Technology (Materials and Systems) and Digital Technologies.

During Year 7 & 8 students engage in a compulsory program, covering Art, Visual Communication Design, Food and Technology, Design Technology and Digital Technologies. From Year 9 onwards, students have the option to participate in a Visual Arts/Technology program of their choice.

Our Visual Arts and Technology courses are designed to engage and inspire students, through creative, innovative curriculum. Students are supported to develop their creative and expressive skills as an artist, along with their problem solving and communication skills as a designer, through a variety of challenging and thought provoking learning tasks.

The Visual Arts/Technology Domain offers a range of extra-curricular activities, including Art Club and Craftanoon, where students have the opportunity to contribute to collaborative artworks around the College, with ‘Yarn-bombing’ the theme for the 2016 workshops.

The College Gallery is a permanent exhibition space within SDC that exhibits student artwork from Year 7 – 12. The gallery is updated regularly to exhibit the wide variety of mediums explored by students in their Visual Arts and Technology courses. The space also provides senior students with the opportunity to collaborate and curate their own exhibition at various times throughout the year.

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