Every student within the College that has a signed Acceptable Use Policy (supplied during Enrolment) is granted access to the ICT facilities provided by the College. Among these is an eMail account as part of the Google Apps Deployment. This provides a semi-contained environment where students can freely communicate between themselves and their teachers. There is none of the uncertainty that may exist when students utilise a standard google account that may not provide identifying information that can be verified and enable students to trust the account.

One added benefit of utilising a Google Apps account, over the normal account provided by DET, is the ability to use services such as the Khan Academy (currently utilised by the Maths Key Learning Area) & Lucid Chart (used within some ICT classes) and the "Sign in with Google" options. This means students do not need to worry about separate passwords for various linked services, and upon request, this password can be reset by Staff at the College.

Curriculum is being continually updated to reflect new standards and include more and more digital resources.

Cristine Jajo

E-Learning Coordinator