STAR Program

Sunbury Downs College has established a STAR Class Program ~ Support To Achieve Results.

This Program provides students with an opportunity to complete major work tasks [primarily Assessment Tasks, S/N Tasks] with the support of their classroom teacher if they;
  • Require assistance with completing an assessable task prior to its due date
  • Have not completed the task within the stipulated time allowed
  • Have attempted the task but realise it is not their best effort
  • Have negotiated an extension of the due date with their classroom teacher & require assistance in completing the task
STAR Class Program sessions are scheduled on afternoons from 3:20 – 4:30pm and are based in the ERC. On occasion, a classroom teacher may work in another location with a student or small group of students for a STAR Class. Further to this, a staff member may choose an alternative time that is mutually suitable to them and their student/s in order to support the completion of work or a task.

The purpose of STAR class is also to provide an opportunity for students who wish to catch-up on work missed due to absence or illness, as well as to clarify a concept or task that has been issued. It also allows for peer support of learning and a chance to encourage varied teacher and student interaction within a supportive learning environment.

A student may be issued a STAR class invitation by a teacher if;
  • They did not submit a homework item by the due date set [homework that is a component of a significant task, Assessment Task, S/N Task]
  • They did not submit set work by a due date [eg. A learning task as part of a learning outcome or assessment task]
  • They missed a concept/lesson due to absence from school.
A student or parent/guardian may request a STAR class if;
  • Assistance with a concept or learning task is required
  • Clarification of an assessment or learning task is needed
  • Supplementary work is needed to be done by the student in order to meet the requirements of a learning unit, task or assessment item.
To discuss a STAR class, a student or parent/guardian should contact the relevant subject teacher. This will provide accurate detail and feedback as to the reason/s for the STAR, as well as the support.