Compass School Manager

School Administration Software
Compass School Manager is a whole school administration package.
It is utilised by the College to streamline many school operations, from Attendance, Reporting, Communication and Events Management.

As a Parent you have access to...
As a valued Parent of at least one student at Sunbury Downs College, Compass is increasingly becoming a central portal for communication between the College and yourself.

Currently, the following features of Compass are available to parents.
  • GPA - This module is an interim reporting package completed at least twice per term by teachers, and made available to you as a parent.
  • Attendance - This module lets you review your students attendance at your own convienience.
  • Newsfeed - This module will let you view Newsletters & eCommunications and any other information published by the College.
  • Student Schedule - This allows you to view your student's schedule
As a Student
In addition to all information currently available to parents, students are able to access resources uploaded by your teacher for use in your classes.

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