R U OK? Day

To commemorate R U OK? Day, Sunbury Downs College put together a video compilation of many staff and students reaching out in the various languages that make up our cultural demographic.

Watch the video: Sunbury Downs RUOkay? Day Video - 2021

R U OK? Day is an important day in our College Calendar that marks the significance of meaningful conversations with one another, and the helpful reminder that we ALL have the power to change lives (staff, students, parents, family and friends). It is a day to empower each one of us to have conversations with those we may be concerned about, or who we notice may be struggling in life. It is ultimately, a suicide prevention day (for further information: https://www.ruok.org.au/).

In addition to this, Student Voice has collaborated with Student Services to deliver some tips and strategies in how to have these meaningful conversations with those we may be concerned about.

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